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Tropical vibes with this handmade earring created with labradorite and a shell pendant!     14kt Gold filled earring Gold dipped shell
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Rose Quartz coming thru on soft & strong hand rolled leather. 14kt Goldfilled clasp 18"   Handmade on Maui.                     #maui #handmade #handcrafted #rosequartz #handrolled...
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A cute beach babe leather necklace handmade on MAUI with a Tahitian pearl and a shark tooth pendant. Lariat style Tahitian pearl shade, shape, color and size will vary. All are unique.
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Tahitian pearl Moonstone chain or Watermelon tourmaline chain   16". Pearl shade, shape, size and color will vary. All are unique. 
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Handmade Tahitian pearls and Labradorite pendants come together to create this beautiful earring. 14kt Gold filled findings.   Tahitian pearl and Labradorite shade, shape, size and color will vary. All are unique.
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14kt goldfilled spheres strung with three tahitian pearls.  One size. Tahitian pearl shade, shape, size, and color will vary. All are unique.
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Bon Voyage earring

Handmade 4 Tahitian pearls knotted alongside handmade African seaglass baubles with handrolled genuine leather.  14kt Goldfilled earhooks. Earrings are 2" long.   Tahitian pearl variations are expected for all pearls are unique in their...
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Bon Voyage bracelet

Handmade 7 Tahitian pearls knotted alongside 14kt Goldfilled spheres and handmade African seaglass baubles. Genuine hand rolled leather knotted for strength and durability.  Bracelet measures 7".    Variation of Tahitian pearls should...