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Handmade Mini shark tooth necklace. 14kt Gold-filled chain.    
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Rose Quartz coming thru on soft & strong hand rolled leather. 14kt Goldfilled clasp 18"   Handmade on Maui.                     #maui #handmade #handcrafted #rosequartz #handrolled...
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Our 14kt Goldfilled Biwa pearl & Labradorite necklace!  18"                                 #maui #hawaii #alohanectarjewelry #alohanectarhawaii...
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Jade necklace

Handmade on beautiful MAUI, Labradorite and gold come together on this silk necklace.  A dainty glistening addition to your life! 14kt GF Tan  
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Detailed and pretty! This 14kt Goldfilled necklace blends great with your layered jewelry but is cute enough to rock alone!