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Quick View Baller Baby

Baller Baby

14kt Goldfilled Ball chain rings coming in HOTTT! A charming sparkling ring to stack with your current ring collection.
Quick View Dottie


$29.00 On Sale
14kt Goldfilled dainty dot ring
Quick View Maui Wave

Maui Wave

Our handcrafted wave ring in 14kt gold-filled that will remind you of the beautiful ocean surrounding our Hawaiian island's. 
Quick View Halo ring

Halo ring

Modern and chic, circle jewelry will always be in style. A perfect staple to your wardrobe. Available in 14kt Goldfilled or Sterling Silver.  
Quick View Ali


Dainty finger ring set with a 2mm CZ stone.   14kt Gold-filled
Quick View Lola Petite Disc necklace

Lola Petite Disc necklace

Our hand stamped necklaces are a key piece w/ your attire whether you layer it or wear it single! Get a wave, heart or mini lotus stamped on OR get a custom letter(s) to turn in into a specialized keepsake!     *Add custom name to text...
Quick View Main Street

Main Street

Sterling silver simple, timeless hoop earring.  Also available in the 14k Goldfilled hoop.
Quick View Teardrops


14k Goldfilled simple, timeless teardrop earring.  Also available in Sterling silver. 
Quick View Bree


Golden sticks with a splash of detail. That staple piece to highlight your look and add shine to your wardrobe.   
Quick View Wish necklace

Wish necklace

Our new dotted Wish necklace will mesh great with your jewelry collection. Dainty spheres and a large sphere pendant to sparkle and shine all day. 16" Sterling silver or 14kt Goldfilled 
Quick View Maui moon

Maui moon

A moon ring inspired by Maui's night skies. Let you dream of the beautiful luna dancing with the hoku as they twinkle till dawn.   Available in 14kt Goldfilled or Sterling Silver.   Luna means moon in Hawaiian.  Hoku means star in...